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Student Recognition

A Pat on the Back for Being Awesome & Jobs Well Done

The foundation's preschool through high school Student Recognition program supports Raytown Quality Schools' district-wide positive behavior supports by recognizing and rewarding students for being responsible, respectful, prepared, and safe.  At the high school level, students are also recognized for academic success as well as academic improvement.   Recognition activities are determined by each school and are varied.  Examples of recognition activities include:  recognition assemblies and celebrations, collectible tags or tokens, school-specific cash coupons redeemable for items from the school's store, coupons included in a drawing for age appropriate prizes such as bikes, scooters, sports equipment, team gear, gift cards, and electronics.
Raytown High Trister Celebration
Thanks for the ice cream treat REF!
South High Trister Celebration
Thanks for the gift REF!