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Dual Credit Scholarships

Getting a Head Start


Photo of Anna Ryan, dual credit scholarship recipient


"I just wanted to thank you for the generous scholarship I received to help pay for my dual credit classes this year. These classes helped enrich my high school experience by providing me with challenging coursework, dedicated teachers, like-minded peers, eye-opening experiences, and, above all, academic and social preparation for the real world. ... what keeps me going ... is the knowledge that there are people and organizations like REF devoted to helping students like me."

Anna Ryan, Junior, RHS Dual Credit Scholarship Recipient

The Dual Credit Scholarship is provided through a partnership between the Raytown Education Foundation and the Raytown Retired Teachers and School Personnel Association. This scholarship is designed to help the following high school students get started earning college credits: students who have financial need based upon low income eligibility or extenuating financial circumstances and/or first generation students whose parents did not graduate from college.

Students complete and submit the scholarship application in the fall for the ENTIRE YEAR of dual credit classes. Those students selected through the criteria above will be awarded a scholarship to assist with tuition costs for dual credit classes.  The scholarship does not pay for the entire cost of the class, but funds approximately 1/3 of the cost for each class. 

 Click here to access the Dual Credit Scholarship application.