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Legacy Society - Planned Giving

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Raytown Educational Foundation has been supporting and enhancing educational opportunities for students and staff since 1992.  Over those two decades, the foundation has become a valuable partner with Raytown Quality Schools providing scholarships, grants, and student recognition programs that would not exist without the foundation’s support.

Not only to continue our mission today but also to thrive in the future, the foundation has established the Raytown Educational Foundation Legacy Society, providing donors with unique giving opportunities to assure the foundation’s support for generations to come.

Planned Giving

Planned giving is a win-win philanthropic approach that benefits both the donor and the nonprofit organization.  Planned giving happens when a donor transfers assets to a designated nonprofit during the donor’s lifetime or as a part of an estate plan.  This visionary approach to giving is “planned” because the assets are not often liquid, have tax consequences, and are usually transferred via a will or other written means.


You don’t have to be a Bill Gates or Ewing Kauffman to create a meaningful philanthropic legacy.  Whether it’s naming your favorite charity in your will or trust for a modest amount, or a gift of life insurance, stocks or a retirement account, there is an easy option that’s right for you.


With the assistance of a trusted financial advisor or estate planning professional, donors may set up a charitable trust that provides an income stream for their favorite nonprofit for a period of time with the remainder going to the donors (or vice versa).

Depending on the type of gift, short-term and/or long-term tax benefits may apply.  Donors at a variety of income levels can benefit.  Planned giving provides a win-win for both the donor and the nonprofit.

Leave a Legacy

Designating a planned gift automatically makes you a member of the Raytown Educational Foundation Legacy Society.  Members are recognized and thanked regularly for their enduring generosity.  We also respect that some donors prefer anonymity.  You may designate your legacy gift to one of our existing scholarship or program funds, establish a new fund, or strengthen the foundation’s unrestricted endowment fund to ensure the foundation's future.


For more information about the Raytown Educational Foundation Legacy Society, please contact our Executive Director, Martha Cockerell, at or 816-268-7181.

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