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Legacy Society Founding Members

Legacy Society

Legacy Society Founding Members

Dennis & Judy Allen


We became Legacy Society members to provide a lasting road map of success for future Raytown High graduates and to recognize the mission and work of the foundation.

Bruce Loewenberg


I became a Legacy Society member because I enjoy giving back to those institutions who helped me along the way to be successful.  

Martha Cockerell


I became a Legacy Society member to honor those individuals who came before me who had a dream and a vision of the positive impact REF could provide for the students and staff of our school district.

David & Shirley Wurth


What first drew us to become Legacy Society members was the dedication to the enhancement of our preschool through grade 12 programs and helping students with scholarships to reach forward for college and vocational learning beyond our school walls.

Bill, Sally, and Evan Frederick

 Our family has had a long commitment to Raytown Quality Schools. The Legacy Society program gives us the opportunity and satisfaction to provide support both to the students and educators currently in Raytown schools.

Bob & Dona Kessel


I was privileged to be with the foundation from its concept through development.  The tremendous potential for good swept me up as the foundation started contributing to the teachers and students in the district.  I spent 47 years as an employee or volunteer in Raytown.  I have always respected and loved the school district and community.